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New Dixie Oil Corporation is a locally owned lubrication distributor. Lubrication products include top name brands such as Shell, Texaco, Conoco, Mobil, Exxon as well as other name-brand products available in all package styles.

Many common types of lubricants can be purchased from our warehouse in Roanoke Rapids, NC or at our convenience marts. This includes straight weight, multi-viscosity or synthetic engine oils, trans and rear axle oils (regular and synthetic), as well as auto transmission (synthetic, New 2000 Specialties) oils. 2 Cycle Engine Oils designed for Snowmobile, Motor Cycle, Chain Saw use are also available in many New Dixie owned locations.

Agriculture and Hydraulic stock includes Universal Hydraulic Transmission Oil, Hydraulic 32, 46, & 68, Synthetic fluids and aviation oils include aircraft hydraulic fluids and engine oils. Moly and lithium base greases are available for industry specific requirements and applications.

Our lubricants are available in Bulk, 55 gallon drums, 120 lb. kegs, 5 gallon pails, and cases. Lubricant products include heavy duty motor oils, passenger car motor oils, transmission and torque fluids, gear lubricants, greases, industrial oils, hydraulic fluids, turbine oil, waylube oils, compressor oils, refrigeration oils and more.

For delivery to your location please call our lubricants service department at 252-537-4118.